Thursday, May 15, 2014

It's been a while

Holy crap.  It's been about half a year since my last post.

Nope, it doesn't mean I have given up training and let myself go.  Far from it.

It's just that training-wise, everything is being taken care of.  I've stopped overthinking things, stopped being obsessed over which exercise is best, stopped confusing myself.  In short, I've stopped majoring in minutiae.

I follow whatever programme is featured (I follow Jason Ferruggia's programmes) and try to stick to it to the letter.

In the event I can't do a certain exercise due to lack of equipment or physical limitations, I just substitute it with an exercise that has a similar movement pattern or targets the same set of muscles.

Easy peasy.  No need to fret.

And over the past 6 months, I've buried myself deep into research on health related stuff.

As you may know, I have suffered from eczema since my late teens.  And I have also heavily depended on antibiotics and steroid creams to keep it under control.

Bad move.

It took a nasty infection to make me realize that while I have always thought that I took care of my body by exercising regularly, I was in fact abusing it by popping pills and slathering drugs and other dangerous chemicals on my skin.

So yeah.  My blog may be active again.  But it won't be centered around training much after this.  It'll serve to record my journey in countering my auto-immune disease.

I'd love it if you'd stick around.  But I understand if you won't.