Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 3 and still alive

Day 3 of the new programme and I am only just beginning to get into the groove. It has been a while since I did this kind of workout (think turbulence training meets crossfit). But I kind of like it.

Let's see if I survive the whole programme.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Eat, train and gain (hopefully)

I am hovering at 47kg now. All that hard work down the drain. I have enough experience to know that I'll get back the weight quickly enough provided that I eat and train properly. Yesterday, I started off with the first workout of Travis Stoetzel's 28-day Athletic Muscle Formula.

Sheesh. I am not in good shape. For the first time ever I felt like puking after a workout. He is one sadistic guy. But I felt good. Lots of sweat pouring out and made me sleep better. Well, better than usual. So yeah, I got my training programme taken care of.

Diet is where the real challenge lies. I am guilty of skipping meals when I am swamped at work; which is occuring more frequently nowadays. I can't take protein shakes because of the milk content. So I have to be contented with soy milk.

I also bought salmon oil and BCAA from GNC. I got extra discounts since it is my birthday month. So I think it's a pretty decent bargain.

So with my training and supplements all taken care of, I took a 'before' picture of myself. Can't post it here though... For obvious reasons. Let's see if I see some progress after a month.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sick and bored

Gosh.  When it rains, it pours.

  1. Work has been challenging lately, more challenging than usual (which is good, or else I might get complacent)
  2. I am working long hours.  Must make a point to get off by 6pm.. therefore, working hours must be extremely productive.
  3. I fell sick... bronchitis.  So need to rest well and lay off strenuous exercise
  4. I lost weight. No surprise there.
I am growing bored of strictly powerlifting.  I think I've let complacency set in.  I also discovered my mobility has been suffering quite a bit.  What I need is a change of programme.  At least for the next few weeks.  So I got myself Travis Stoetzel's 28-day Muscle Formula.  Yeah, yeah.. I thought my days of following other people's programmes ares over too.  But I needed a change.  No strict powerlifting stuff.  And I'm a bit lost on how to start things.

Plus I have actually been following this guy's blog for some time and I have to say I am quite impressed with his style of training.  So heck... I'll just give it a go.  If I have the time I'll try to write a review for each new workout that I have to endure under this programme.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

One step forward, two steps backwards.

They say to squat more you need to squat more. Or something to that effect. But it doesn't seem to work for me. My progress comes in spurts. And I am disappointed to say that from being abel to squat 55kg I an now barely squat 45kg.

I have no idea what went wrong. And I would be lying to say that I am not disheartened by this turn of events.

Whilst discussing my predicament with Adeline, she mentioned that her squats went up after laying off squats for more than a month. During that period she focused more on lunges instead. Apart from giving her a better looking butt (always a bonus), it helped improve her squats.

She recommended laying off the squats for awhile and do more lunges. Hmm.. Good idea.

My workload has been crazy of late and I lack the dicipline to eat well. Smething crucial when doing heavy stuff like squats and deads. Not to say lunges aren't taxing. They are. Very much so. But during this early stage, I reckon it is still managable even with a more slap dash approach to nutrition

We'll see how it goes.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The predicament of change

Ughhhh... What a stressful period in my life. Work has been crazy I find myself wroking 12 hour days... The very type of working hours that I loathed and left 4 years ago. The difference now however, is that I am passionate about what I do for a living and I know my work will eventually pay off.

It has left me with a bit of a predicament though. My training and nutrition has gone haywire. And I need to adjust my schedule somewhat.

Training doesn't take that long to be frank. It could be over in 30 minutes. An hour max. It is just that I take to my grand dad. I am hopelessly a creature of habit. Everything needs to be routine, orderly.

Time to readjust.

P/s progress is stalling. Must buck up.