Saturday, December 31, 2011

Less Sets more Weight

I've discovered something.  It is sort of a 'duh' moment for some... but it is still a discovery for me nonetheless.  You see, I always start my squat training by warming up with 20kg for 3 sets of 8 reps.  The pattern would go somewhat like this:

20kg x 8 reps (3 sets)
40kg x 8 reps (3sets)
45kg x 8 reps (2 sets)
53kg x 8 reps (2 sets)

By the time I hit the final set I'm already quite spent so I always felt 55kg was very challenging.  Even at just an extra 2kg it felt really heavy on my back.

Yesterday however, I was a bit lazy.  The bar was already loaded up with 10kg plates on each side.  So I squatted 28kg (standard bar is 8kg) as my warmup instead of the regular 20kg.  The bar felt surprisingly light.

The rest of the workout went like this:

40kg x 8 reps (2 sets)
48kg x 8 reps (2 sets)
53kg x 8 reps (1 set)
55kg x 7 reps (1 set)

I did far less sets than I usually do.  But it's made slightly more intense by the bigger jump between weights.  Funnily enough I felt fine and didn't feel as tired as I usually feel after a squat session.  On hindsight I realize that less sets mean more energy to push heavier.  But I guess it's my mind playing games on me.

I'd feel comfortable lifting the usual weights I lift.  I should change it up a bit.  And I should have hit the 8th rep of the last set.

Must remind myself not to be a sissy the next time round.

Friday, December 30, 2011


First up, I must apologize for not updating for so long. Work has been crazy (but in a good way) and training has been routine so I don't really have much to say.

But now that the year is ending it is time for a bit of a review and some reflection. Just last night I came to know of a person who was a close friend of my circle of friends had passed away due to cancer.

Unfortunately I never had the chance to know her but from what I have learnt she was a kind hearted and positive person who was always smiling even though she was very sick.

Her death reminded me of how extremely precious life is and how we should never take it for granted. Life should not be filled with regrets. We should not have to look back and wonder "what if?"

Yes, somethings will not go our way. There will be times that you won't be able to grab an opportunity for whatever reasons but we must move on. New opportunities will arise.

And please, please take care of your health. Shit happens. Cancer can strike anyone. Even the most hardcore of health freaks. But when you are physically strong, most likely you will be mentally strong (let's face it... Nobody gets strong by being a pussy)... And when you are physically and mentally strong... If ever, God forbid, you get a shitty disease like cancer you have a fighting chance of beating its ass.

But dear God, let none of us be stricken by it.

Al-fatihah to the late Mimi.

Semoga ditempatkan di kalangan orang yang soleh.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I am now 50kg

I now weigh 50kg. Checked my weight on three different scales... They all read the same: 50kg. It takes many many months for me to just gain a measly 2kg.

Still doubting the scales, I went to the department store and tried out several pairs of pants of the usual brand I always buy (they are the only ones that offer pants in XS).

I tried on XS. They are really tight at the butt and thighs. They are so tight you can see my panty line(yeah, too much info... But whatever. It's my blog) and the outlines of the front pockets. Size S feels better although it is slightly tight. But in a good way.

The waist feels comfortable though. So I think my butt and thighs have thickened but waist maintains it's normal size. Cool, huh?

On the training side of things... Squatting for 55kg is proving to be my sticking point. But I am still making progress. I wonder if I would ever make it to 60kg by the end of the year. I'm due for another deloading at the end of this month....

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Some gains... And a discovery

The good news is my squats have progressed nicely. Just now I squatted 55kg for 5RM at a bodyweight of 48kg. Not too shabby, I muzt say. But a long way to go till my targeted 70kg.

Something to highlight...

As warmup, I squat the empty bar i.e. 20kg explosively. I make sure there is hip-popping effect (like what happens when you do kettlebell swings). Empty bar squats are done for 8 reps per set, for 3 sets.

I discover that explosive warmups with the empty bar help to 'entice' the CNS faster. So far I have never had a bad squat session if I start with explosive warmups.

After empty bar squats, I start my work set at 40kg for 8 reps and then work up to my max weight.

Best part is, nowadays I don't suffer much from lactic acid build-up... Which is cool because you can imagine how horrific it is to walk with high heels on when you have a serious case of rigour mortis.