Sunday, July 29, 2012

Week 1 of Ramadhan.

The training programme I am currently following requires training 4 days a week.  But I have received the OK to skip day 4 and just stick to training 3 days a week.  Which is sweet, especially during the fasting month.

I don't know about the others but I feel more pressed for time during this fasting month.  Probably because I make it a point to sleep an hour earlier than usual.  Plus I am cooking my own meals now.  Although to be honest it doesn't require a long time.  Maybe I'm not used to it yet.

Last Friday I changed my workout schedule and trained before iftar instead of after iftar.  I timed it carefully so that I didn't have to suffer long and can quench my thirst soon after I complete my training.  I didn't feel weak at all but the having said that, it was a deload week so there wasn't a lot of weights involved.

Tomorrow, the real challenge will come as I start Phase 2 of the programme.  Shall keep you posted of the outcome.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ramadan Training 2012 - Week 1

Okay so the first week of the fasting month coincides with the training programme's deload week which is sweet.  Intensity is brought down a notch and that would help my body adjust to a slightly different kind of environment.

Throughout this first week I trained after breaking fast (iftar).  I'd eat a light meal, rest a bit to let the food settle and then start my workout.  Once workout is done, I drink 500ml of soy milk (as I always do after training), rest, shower, then eat.

The only gripe I have with this is that by the time I'm done with training and dinner it's already pretty late (about 10.30pm).  Don't get me wrong, I absolutely have no problems sleeping right after dinner (it actually works well for me believe it or not) but 10.30pm is a bit late for fasting month standards.

This is due to the fact that I have to wake up at least an hour earlier to prepare for sahur.  Rightfully I should sleep by 10pm the latest to ensure sufficient rest.  Especially so on days that I hit my training as we all know that you need a good rest after a training session to allow your body to recover.

Looks like I'll have to tweak my training schedule somewhat.  And see how it goes from there.

p/s FINALLY started cooking again after a 6-year hiatus.  Starting simple, with my beloved stir fry veges.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Keeping it simple

I have noticed a change in my habits lately.  Specifically my reading habits.  Even more specifically, my reading habits when it comes to all things fitness related.

When previously I read every single blog/website that I came across, nowadays I only read a select few.  And even among those select few, I only read one or two sites religiously.

You see, it is best not to clutter yourself with too much information.  Just stick to one or two that suits well with your fitness objective and forget the rest.  Stop overthinking.  Stop trying to incorporate every single damn fitness regime known to man and for crying out loud just do one programme and see it until the end.

Doing crossfit one week, powerlifting the next, metabolic conditioning the third week then delving into olympic weightlifting the week after will do you no good.  You'll end up getting nowhere fast and all that does is make you frustrated.

Simplicity is key.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ramadhan again

The fasting month is looming.  My game plan is to stick with the training programme.  But most likely I will cut down on the conditioning portion to preserve as much mass as possible.

After a 6-year hiatus from cooking, perhaps it's time to start again.  I'm developing a lot of allergies lately and I think it's largely due to me eating outside way too often.  I have no control over the ingredients they use.

Logically, this is the best time to re-learn cooking as I only have to cook once a day.  Or perhaps just during the weekends.  Hopefully this time round I'll get round to doing it for real.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Another training programme and a new toy

I have finally completed all 4 phases of Uncaged and I am blown away by the huge progress I have made so far.  People are definitely noticing I am getting bigger (in a good way).  I am now on to the next Jason Ferruggia programme which everyone else in the Inner Circle is currently doing.

Some of the exercises require the aid of the resistance band and I also thought it was high time I acquired one.  I don't know why on earth I didn't buy them much earlier.  There are quite a number of exercises that I can  do with just a single resistance band.

Bought a blue "Gym in the Pocket" resistance band at my friendly neighbourhood Fitness Concept
Over the course of 1 day acquiring it, I have used the band for:

  1. Tricep pushdowns
  2. Shoulder dislocations
  3. Woodchops
  4. Assisted pullups
  5. Resisted glute bridge (I totally underestimated how tough this would be)
I have a feeling I'm gonna need to get the green (which provide the strongest resistance) band soon enough.