Wednesday, October 28, 2009

No More Crunch Time - Crunch Free Ab Training

Like many other people out there, one of my main objectives when joining the gym is to get toned abs. Toned, because I think a woman with 6-pack abs ala Shwarzenegger is kind of freakish. When the sales guy took me on a tour of my would-be gym, he showed me all the ab machines they have on offer. I was pretty excited when I saw all those equipments, ready to be used as the instrument of torture for my abs. Little did I know back then that I don't need any of those equipments. None of them. Zero. Zilch.

For the longest time I have subjected my lower back and my neck to torture when doing hundreds of crunches a day. It came to a point that I didn't look forward to my abs workout sessions. Luckily for me, I discovered that I don't have to do any of those backbreaking, neck snapping crunches to strengthen my abs. Through turbulence training, I discovered that a total body workout is the best way to a stronger, flatter and toned abs.

When I first tried out the workouts, I couldn't believe how hard my abs are working. And hell they were sore the next day; evidence that the abs have been put to good use the day before. Here are a few sample videos of the kind of ab workouts I'm doing now. Then you can try it out and tell me what you think.

The vid above shows different types of bodyweight ab workouts while the one below shows some basic upper body workouts that also target your core. Two-in-one. Cool, huh?

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