Saturday, September 15, 2012

DIY Weekend: Hurdles

Jumps are something I absolutely suck at.  In school I avoided anything jump-related.  But now that I know that jumps are absolutely essential in developing good mobility and athleticism, I reluctantly practice it.

Part of the training programme I am following right now requires for hurdle jumps.  I don't have hurdles, so I jumped over the bench instead.  But even that was too easy for me.  So I scoured the internet on how to improvise on hurdle jumps.

I came across a gem of resources on how to make your own hurdles out of PVC pipe.  It set me off for less than RM10 and I still have some extra stuff that I could use for later on.  The best part is one piece of hurdle can be assembled in 2 minutes.  And that is by a DIY-challenged clutz like me.

First up, get yourself some 0.5" PVC pipes.  My measurements were as below:

  1. 1 piece measuring 3 feet 
  2. 2 pieces measuring 50cm each
  3. 4 pieces measuring 6" each (these will be used as the base)
  4. 4 pieces of T-connectors

The finished product looks like the pic above.  The height of this hurdle is a conservative 56cm.  I used T-connectors instead of elbows because I can easily add to the height of the hurdle as my jumps improve.  And I hope it improves fast.

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