Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Of training programmes and pre-workout meals

When I first started my journey as a fitness junkie wannabe, my main concern was how to fit in so many exercises in a single workout. The horror of waiting in line for the more popular machines and having to work at various body parts was enough to leave me stressed out.

But now I know that you don't need to use machines to have a good training session. A barbell and a few tried and tested compound exercises would suffice. So I can pretty much safely say I got my training programme down pat.

My focus is now more on nutrition. Given my allergy to dairy (especially milk), my source of protein is significantly limited. So far my substitute for dairy milk is soy milk. I know soy has received some bad press but I figured if our forefathers have taken it for many years then how could it possibly harm me?

Drilling down, post workout nutrition is not my main concern. My concern is pre-workout. I know I need a good mix of slow burning carbs (i.e. low GI) and protein. Plus the meal should not be too big that I need at least a couple of hours to digest. Off the top of my head I can think of a few pre-workout meals:

  1. Cashew nuts + Soy Milk
  2. Tuna Sandwich + Apple
  3. Roti telur bawang (Got eggs in it... fair game(?))
I'd put oatmeal in the list to. But I hate it. Tastes like cardboard. So yeah. There's only about three pre-workout meals I can think of and I'm not even sure if they're all legit.

What do you think? Any suggestions?

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Personal Trainer's Girlfriend said...

maybe you can try some greek yogurts (i dunno if you are allergy to it also) and bananas. works for me :)