Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Shoulder Injury Update

The good news is the shoulder feels better. The bad news is it's still not as good as new. Hence I am still not doing any exercise whatsoever. I will let my shoulder be subject to another massage session this Sunday.

In total my shoulder has been massaged twice, a week after the injury happened. My friend nagged me about it for ages. She told me I should not take any kind of shoulder tweak lightly and I should have gone for a massage immediately.

In my mind I thought I am still in my early 20s and have healing abilities of the likes of Wolverine. Apparently I was wrong.

Anyway, I noticed a funny thing during this involuntary resting period. I'm getting bigger and more defined. Clothes and pants are tight in all the right spots. Perhaps it is coincidental that it was about time I de-load? Maybe not. But whatever it is I like the effect.


Rajan said...

I have a sore shoulder as well which has taken a toll on my bench press strength and military press.

I train lighter and changed my exercises to those that don't strain it. It only hurts with certain exercises.... weird huh?

But what you are doing is the right thing. Let it rest and then come back to it. Me, i am stubborn... i know i should rest it, but i can't lah. :-)

KevL said...

Try taking some fish oils and glucosomine/chondroitin to help ease the inflamation?

KevL said...

*glucosamine + chondroitin