Sunday, January 29, 2012

Eat, train and gain (hopefully)

I am hovering at 47kg now. All that hard work down the drain. I have enough experience to know that I'll get back the weight quickly enough provided that I eat and train properly. Yesterday, I started off with the first workout of Travis Stoetzel's 28-day Athletic Muscle Formula.

Sheesh. I am not in good shape. For the first time ever I felt like puking after a workout. He is one sadistic guy. But I felt good. Lots of sweat pouring out and made me sleep better. Well, better than usual. So yeah, I got my training programme taken care of.

Diet is where the real challenge lies. I am guilty of skipping meals when I am swamped at work; which is occuring more frequently nowadays. I can't take protein shakes because of the milk content. So I have to be contented with soy milk.

I also bought salmon oil and BCAA from GNC. I got extra discounts since it is my birthday month. So I think it's a pretty decent bargain.

So with my training and supplements all taken care of, I took a 'before' picture of myself. Can't post it here though... For obvious reasons. Let's see if I see some progress after a month.

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Rajan said...

Aizan: I have the same problem too. After being 75kg for the longest time (no thanks to my marathon trainings), been trying some new stuff since last month. Successfully put on 3kg in one month. My target is 82 or 83 before i start leaning out, where i hope to drop to a lean but bulky 80kg. I used to be 85kg last time... but i think its hard to go back there again.