Monday, October 4, 2010

Experimenting... somewhat.

When I first started going to the gym, my biggest problem was not having an exercise plan. I have this rough idea in my head that I have to do my upper body, my lower body and my abs but there were machines galore and all it did was confuse me. I ended up using almost every machine I could get my hands on. I did get stronger. But of course, when you're new at working out you make gains quickly. And then you plateau. And plateau I did.

Then I discovered Turbulence Training, which finally gave structure to my workouts. I also loved the fact that all I need at most is a pair of dumbbells, a bench, and a stability ball to have one kick ass workout. I also felt more athletic. I could finally do a chin up. And I'm more agile than friends 7 years my junior. But then TT was catered more for the fat loss crowd and I started feeling paranoid again.

Enter Muscle Gaining Secrets. Maybe this programme would transform my body to the likes of Jillian Michaels'. Didn't happen. But I could lift a decent amount of weights now. And while I still don't have slabs of muscles I am more 'toned' ... for the lack of a better word.

But unfortunately, I lost my agility. I was surprised how winded I felt doing very basic bodyweight stuff. So hence lies my issue. I want mass, but I also want to be athletic. I want to move fast. I want to be agile. But it does seem like they are two different sets of goals.

So now I think I'm not gonna follow TT or MGS strictly. I'm gonna attempt to do both. I'm gonna do two days of weightlifting and two days of bodyweight per week. Let's see if that'll work. Note to self: No deadlifting. My technique is off, hence the injury (big duh moment, huh?). Squats seem okay, though.

p/s I am not taking anymore protein shakes. But I have ordered a vegan protein shake (brown rice protein) through the internet. Will write a review on that soon.


KevL said...

"But I have ordered a vegan protein shake (brown rice protein) through the internet"

Sun Warrior?

SSQuo said...

hey there, for some reason I am not able to view your other blog. It says 'I've not been invited'! Boo hoo. I am back now, hopefully for a long time to come, need to catch up on the readings. Hope all is well with you.