Saturday, December 31, 2011

Less Sets more Weight

I've discovered something.  It is sort of a 'duh' moment for some... but it is still a discovery for me nonetheless.  You see, I always start my squat training by warming up with 20kg for 3 sets of 8 reps.  The pattern would go somewhat like this:

20kg x 8 reps (3 sets)
40kg x 8 reps (3sets)
45kg x 8 reps (2 sets)
53kg x 8 reps (2 sets)

By the time I hit the final set I'm already quite spent so I always felt 55kg was very challenging.  Even at just an extra 2kg it felt really heavy on my back.

Yesterday however, I was a bit lazy.  The bar was already loaded up with 10kg plates on each side.  So I squatted 28kg (standard bar is 8kg) as my warmup instead of the regular 20kg.  The bar felt surprisingly light.

The rest of the workout went like this:

40kg x 8 reps (2 sets)
48kg x 8 reps (2 sets)
53kg x 8 reps (1 set)
55kg x 7 reps (1 set)

I did far less sets than I usually do.  But it's made slightly more intense by the bigger jump between weights.  Funnily enough I felt fine and didn't feel as tired as I usually feel after a squat session.  On hindsight I realize that less sets mean more energy to push heavier.  But I guess it's my mind playing games on me.

I'd feel comfortable lifting the usual weights I lift.  I should change it up a bit.  And I should have hit the 8th rep of the last set.

Must remind myself not to be a sissy the next time round.

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