Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I am now 50kg

I now weigh 50kg. Checked my weight on three different scales... They all read the same: 50kg. It takes many many months for me to just gain a measly 2kg.

Still doubting the scales, I went to the department store and tried out several pairs of pants of the usual brand I always buy (they are the only ones that offer pants in XS).

I tried on XS. They are really tight at the butt and thighs. They are so tight you can see my panty line(yeah, too much info... But whatever. It's my blog) and the outlines of the front pockets. Size S feels better although it is slightly tight. But in a good way.

The waist feels comfortable though. So I think my butt and thighs have thickened but waist maintains it's normal size. Cool, huh?

On the training side of things... Squatting for 55kg is proving to be my sticking point. But I am still making progress. I wonder if I would ever make it to 60kg by the end of the year. I'm due for another deloading at the end of this month....


HLiza said...

Congrats! I was 50kg already when I was 15..hehe..we have different issues I know.

Mitchell said...


Congrats on your success. Keep plugging away and you'll end up closing out the year nicely.


Mohd Shahril said...

Congratulations! but..errr..are you going to aim for higher bodyweight? Whats UR ideal weight (not the BMI crap)?

by the way try to improve your good mornings, its a sure way to bring your squats and deadlift up.

AcikTanpaNama said...

tahniah beb..tahniah :)

Aizan Suhaira said...

Hliza, Mitchell and Acik: thanks! Much appreciated.

Shahril: actually 50kg is pretty much my ideal weight at 5'1"... Anyway i am not into looks primarily. I am more into improving strength. The looks is a fantastic bi-product though ;)