Thursday, December 1, 2011

Some gains... And a discovery

The good news is my squats have progressed nicely. Just now I squatted 55kg for 5RM at a bodyweight of 48kg. Not too shabby, I muzt say. But a long way to go till my targeted 70kg.

Something to highlight...

As warmup, I squat the empty bar i.e. 20kg explosively. I make sure there is hip-popping effect (like what happens when you do kettlebell swings). Empty bar squats are done for 8 reps per set, for 3 sets.

I discover that explosive warmups with the empty bar help to 'entice' the CNS faster. So far I have never had a bad squat session if I start with explosive warmups.

After empty bar squats, I start my work set at 40kg for 8 reps and then work up to my max weight.

Best part is, nowadays I don't suffer much from lactic acid build-up... Which is cool because you can imagine how horrific it is to walk with high heels on when you have a serious case of rigour mortis.

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