Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Focus Shift: From Training to Diet

The immediate reason being that I now have the luxury of not having to think about training programmes.  All I need to do is follow whatever programme that is running over at the Inner Circle.  Saves time and preserves sanity.

But a more pressing reason is because I am developing allergies like nobody's business.  I fall sick easily.  And nutrition is the missing puzzle in my quest to become the ultimate fitness junkie wannabe.

For starters, I have begun to cook.  And I am getting more disciplined in making sure that my food are mostly home-cooked instead of store-bought.

But then again, home-cooked doesn't mean everything is healthy.  There are times that I wasn't aware that I was putting myself in harm's way.  Like last Sunday when I cooked myself scrambled eggs with cheese and mushroom.  The cheese made me scratch like crazy and I couldn't concentrate on anything until I took antihistamines.

I know it was the cheese that did it, because I had no problems with the eggs nor mushrooms beforehand.

So now I am trying to equip myself with knowledge on the kinds of food that would improve my overall health and well being and the kinds that would ensure that I will be dependent on endless rounds of antibiotics, antihistamines and a slew of other medications.

First up is reading all about the Renegade Diet, written by Jason Ferruggia (you don't seem surprised.  Why?).  I just bought it last weekend and I've read through a few chapters and already I am mesmerized.  But I think I will have to read the book at least twice and take down notes so I can do more research.

It's a lovely time to be in nerd-mode.

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