Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Home Gym Wishlist

To most people my home gym seems complete.  But to be honest there are still a few toys I would want to get my hands on:

1.  Trap Bar

I've been eyeing one of these babies for a long time.  But Malaysia being what it is, no one supplies it here.  I did check out a few Chinese suppliers and their asking price is pretty reasonable.  But once you add in the shipping cost (which is actually more expensive than the cost of the bar itself), the figure is a bit on the high side.

In any case you're interested to get one as well, let me know.  Maybe we could get a discount.

2. Medicine Ball
Now these you can get at your friendly neighbourhood Fitness Concept.  Off the top of my head I'd definitely be using it for medicine ball slams (at least its an outlet for my anger issues).

3.  Bands

I have only one at home and I need at least 2 more of various strengths.  It'll also make it easier for me to sub in cable-centric exercises like lat pull downs if I have more than 1 band.  I can also use them for pre-hab stuff.

4.  Lifting Platform
Yeah this would be so cool to have.  Actually you can just DIY this.  But of course I am a DIY klutz and I'm not sure how my living room is going to look like if put this up.

5. Olympic barbell set
I've actually asked around and a 140kg set would set me off for RM2,100.  I was tempted.  Really tempted.  Although at this point I would omit the olympic barbell, get the trap bar but just buy the weight plates.

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