Monday, October 1, 2012

My immune system sucks

I get eczema fairly frequently.  I get sick pretty easily.  And the good doctor prescribes me the same antibiotics for my various ailments.  He also said my immune system is pretty weak.  Hence the pretty frequent trips to see him.

I suspect he has no complaints.

But I'm getting sick of being so sickly.  So lately I've taken to doing two things:

  1. Drinking a glass a day of apple+celery+carrot juice
  2. Taking garlic oil supplements (smells disgusting, and you can practically taste the concentrated garlic.  But at least vampires will stay away).

Of course, there are many other ways of trying to boost the immune system.  But I'm just doing things that I know I can keep up.  So far, I've been on this new regime for a week now.  And perhaps it's just a psychological factor, but I have observed a noticeable reduction in my eczema without me having to resort to taking antihistamines.

So maybe there's some hope.

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