Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Homemade, dairy-free post workout smoothie

So you're allergic to dairy (not that dairy is good for you in the first place) and that hinders you from consuming the usual, overrated expensive post workout shakes that are ever so popular among gym goers.

Interesting colour, eh?  That's what you get if you blend red dragon fruits.
If only white dragon fruits are available, you can make the smoothie look more
delicious by adding in strawberries into the mix.  Tastes good too.

Me, I just put together a simple post workout smoothie that does the trick just fine.

Frozen bananas
Dragon fruit
Strawberries (if you're feeling like you have the cash of Donald Trump, or else you can still do without)
Almond milk (adds to the volume of the smoothie)

Making a smoothie out of frozen bananas also ensures there are no wastage, especially if you make it a point to consume over-ripe bananas as pre and post workout fuel.

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