Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New toy: olympic barbell

Okay, remember that that home gym wishlist I posted some time last year?  Well, I've already managed to acquire 2 out of the five things I've been drooling over.  The first one was a medicine ball.  Pretty easy to get.    The next one I got was the olympic barbell weight set. And I bought it at a price cheaper that what was initially quoted for.  Bless the Chinese New Year discount.

So overall I now have 140kg worth of weights to play around with.  Woohoo!!

And here are some eye candy for you:

My shiny new olympic barbell.  Love the fact that I have collars now.
Much quicker to load weights after this.

Tri-grip weight plates.  Now I can just do farmer's walks with the plates. 


saracen said...

WoW! The set look bad ass. That is the sickest brand new weight plates I have ever seen...Tri-grip !
I wish I could lay my hands on them and do chest press and see what does it feel like to pump with them plates.

Aizan Suhaira said...

Thanks! I have a grin plastered on my face everytime I look at the set. Have already put it to good use.