Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Conditioning Conundrum

Strength and conditioning. They go hand in hand. But while the strength portion is pretty much straighforward for me, the conditioning part leaves me a tad bit confused. How much conditioning is too much conditioning? Or maybe too little conditioning? What kind of conditioning is best for you?

I know a hardgainer like myself could get away with very little conditioning (if at all) and not gain fat. However, my aim at conditioning is not to lose fat but just to have a decent vo2 max. Based on experience though, I can safely say I'm not made for even medium distance running. Let alone long distance.

Sprinting is okay, though. I enjoy sprinting every once in a while. Walking's cool too. Walking's therapeutic. I don't know how walking would improve my vo2 max though.

What about those days when it is cold and wet outside (which happens very often lately)? Or maybe you're just not the outdoorsy type. Do you really have to suck it up and still jog/sprint/walk just to get your dose of conditioning?

Some would recommend barbell/dumbbell/kettlebell complexes. It sure beats the monotony of jogging/walking. But there are concerns that doing complexes too often would result in joint/muscle wear and tear. It would also delay recovery as it is more strenuous compared to good old jogging/sprinting.

Hmm.. funny how I recover slower after jogging compared to doing complexes. But that's maybe because I'm not used to jogging as much as I'm used to lifting weights. Plus, you should be wise enough to use the right weight i.e. not too light but not too heavy for complexes.

Whatever it is... I think everything should be in moderation. There is a time for complexes. And there is a time for jogging/sprinting/running. Mixing it up would be best. Admittedly though, I have a preference for complexes and kickboxing.

Sigh... I miss kickboxing.

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