Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Finer Points of Overhead Presses

Woohoo! It was deadlift day today. I miss doing deads. A week without deadlifts. And when I came back to KL I did my squats first. I kind of miss squats. But not as much as I miss doing deads. But really. Today's entry is not about deadlifts now squats. It's about overhead presses.

As much as I love overhead presses, I'm unfortunately not very good at it. I constantly remind myself that strength is a skill. And like all skills, there's always a technical part to it. And in pursuit of honing the technical skills, I read a few books and looked at various credible YouTube vids on the finer side of pressing.

What I know is that you need to keep your body tense, squeeze your glutes tight (like pinching a coin between the cheeks) and hold your breath which effectively make you brace your abs while your press and slowly release your breath when you're lowering the bar to chest level.

But perhaps Coach Rip can explain it better:

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KevL said...

I stopped doing OH presses when I watched all the above videos weeks back. It reminded me that the OH press is actually quite a complicated lift if one were to follow the guides from Coach Rip. I went through learning the squat without a coach for months before getting it right and I'm not about to go through the same process with the press. Besides, progress on the press has always been at a stand-still. I also have limited time in the gym so I decided to spend more time on other lifts instead.