Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pistol Squats and Kettlebells

So I'm back in my hometown. Kind of bored with not much to do but read and watch TV (it's been raining most times, so can't really get outside). In between I practiced my pistol squats. My sister brought home her kettlebell so I fooled around with it as well. Doing a few swings and snatches.

About the pistol squats. I couldn't do a pistol squat at all prior to getting on the plane home. After reading the naked warrior and following the instructions Pavel gave in the book I could actually do a pretty decent semblance of a pistol squat. Granted, it's not perfect but at least I'm improving.

I read Pavel's book and in half a day improved my pistol squats execution. Cool, huh? Hopefully I can dish out perfect pistol squats soon.

And yes, I was fooling around with the kettlebell. It's pretty addictive, that kettlebell. The swings left me with a similar feeling to running. I was breathing pretty heavily after going through a minute or two of swinging the kettlebell. Tried to do the turkish get up, but failed miserably using a 'mere' 6kg cannonball.

That's one thing about the kettlebell: It feels heavier than it actually is. Like any other type of bells out there (e.g. barbell, dumbbell) the kettlebell commands respect. A 6kg kettlebell may look tiny and cute, but handled the wrong way, it could still lead to injury.

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