Thursday, March 24, 2011

About deadlifts and feeling good

I think I've found my groove back. I'm getting excited over my training again. And yes, the kettlebell class at Pushmore helped. Looking at all those extremely fit people really helped to motivate me. Perhaps it is one of the pitfalls of training solo. You only have yourself to compete with. And even if you didn't do your best, the sense of shame is not as apparent as when training with a partner.

I've also discovered something interesting. Last night was workout night. My hams are still hurting from the kettlebell class so I decided not to squat but to deadlift instead. I came home late yesterday. And only started training at about 8pm - 8.15pm. My workout went like this:

1st set warmup
8 reps x 43kg

2nd set warmup
8 reps x 53kg

Actual workout
5 reps x 63kg (3 sets)

It was a pretty quick workout. I was done in less than half an hour. But that's not the point. The point is that the only meal I had before my workout was lunch which comprised of a heck of a lot of spinach, a piece of fried fish and 'paru'. Only that and nothing else after that.

Maybe the workout wasn't that intense. Maybe I was pretty sedentary until the time I start to deadlift. Although I have a suspicioun it had to do with what I ate. I'll try to choose similar types of lauk again and see whether I can replicate what I did.

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Ampivia Iezan Woods said...

"I was done in less than half an hour"

-You're killing my back.