Thursday, March 24, 2011

Super Spinach

Spinach. I think it's all about the spinach.

My friend and I were discussing about skin problems. She told me she had very dry skin when she was small and when she stayed with her grandmother, she was fed a lot of spinach. Spinach every single day. For every single meal.

To Adeline: This is how bayam is normally cooked over here. I'm sure you've seen it before. Ha! Ha! Ha!

As a result, her skin is smooth now and devoid of any scars whatsoever. And I thought, if it worked for her, perhaps it could work for me. I'd do anything to rid myself of eczema without having to resort to lifelong medication.

So throughout this week I had spinach for lunch (together with rice and fish of course). It made a heck of a lot of difference, I can tell you that. Usually I'd get hungry again by 5pm and feel sluggish as heck. But I don't feel hungry at all throughtout this week (after my bayam-fueled lunch) and can train (usually at 8pm) without having to eat a light meal prior.

And the performance in my training has not been compromised as well. This spinach thing is pretty amazing indeed. I'm going to try to ramp up my spinach intake and see what else is going to happen to me.

Yeay! I'm a guinea pig!


Adeline said...

Hahaha now I know how spinach looks like. Common la like that. Can get it at malay stall. Tx!! Guess im gonna ramp up the spinach intake too! Together we eat spinach!!!! Yeay!!!

Michelle said...

apparently spinach is high in protein too.