Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I went boxing

I have always been interested in learning how to box. Some say muay thai is the more popular sport nowadays... But there's something about boxing that appeals to me. Besides, my kicks suck. My legs are too short.  They can't hit a damned thing.

So when I found out that there's a gym in Sri Hartamas offering boxing class, I jumped at the opportunity. They give out a free trial, anyway. So there really ia nothing to lose.

On Monday, together with two of my colleagues and my fellow fitness junkie, Adeline... I went for the tryout. The trainer was friendly and entertained all of our questions as well as gave us reasons why certain moves are done a certain way. The other students were friendly as well.

Most importantly, I really had a good workout, sweating buckets and punching the bag with abandon. I can tell my colleagues were having fun too.  Work stress was released in a healthy way, and it was a proper boxing training session and not some crappy cardio bastardization of the sport.

I am thinking that perhaps I should make boxing sessions a  regular staple in my training.  It would complement the weight training that I do nicely.  They're charging RM150 per month for a one a week boxing lessons.  For RM200 you get 2 sessions per week and you get access to the gym as well.

But I already have a squat rack.  Which is still sufficient.  And my primary thing would still be weightlifting.  Boxing is complimentary.  So I think the RM150 package, should I decide to join... should be sufficient.

Now... to find me some wraps and boxing gloves. Hehe...

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