Thursday, November 24, 2011

Higher reps for the ladies

Ladies, if you are ever gonna seriously go into weightlifting, I personally would recommend an 8x5 (8 reps for 5 sets) and progressing to 8x8 rather than use the popular 5x5 method.

5x5 works really well for the guys, but women are known to benefit more from lifting higher reps and taking shorter rest periods compared to men. I don't have the science to back it up... But many trainers also acknowledge this. One of them being Jason Ferruggia in his e-book Muscle Gaining Secrets.

As for me, I experimented it on myself. I didn't get far using 5x5 but I am currently on an 8x7 programme for squats and my progress has been much better as compared to using the former programme.

As of 22 November 2011, my 8 RM for squats is 53kg. 10% more than my bodyweight of 48kg. Only a few short weeks ago, I had serious doubts of my ability to squat 45kg and I am quite happy with my progress so far. Of course, I still cannot beat Adeline's 60kg squat for 10reps. But hopefully I will hit that milestone soon enough.

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Adeline said...

Ok. It's time for me to hit a new record! hehe.....