Monday, April 16, 2012


I am PROUD. Proud of my home gym. It is not much. It is more of a living room gym. Those who are priviledged enough to set foot in my humble pigeon hole are all dumbstruck by my choice of furniture.

Squat rack
2 Barbells
Weight plates
12kg kettlebell
Chin up bar
Power wheel
Stability ball (I haven't used this for years. Tried to give it away but no takers. Hmphh)

I might want some additions/upgrades:

Multi-grip chin up bar
Skipping rope
Punching bag (though there is really no place I can put it without obstructing traffic)
Sled (though i need to pull it OUTSIDE my pigeon hole)
Box (for jumps more than anything else)

Hmmm.. What else? Though I must say what I have is already sufficient to give me a nasty workout.

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matt said...

I have never been to a private home gym. Would be nice to have a look around at your place. I would normally hit the FF gym in usj summit, empire gallery and sometimes during lunch hour, menara manulife in KL.