Sunday, April 1, 2012

Don't ask me for advice

Once upon a time, I was eager to share what I know about diet and exercise to anyone who is willing to listen or pretend to listen. But unfortunately I discovered that people are mosly skeptical about what I say and keep on doing what they have been doing anyway.

Which is pretty funny since I don't see them lose an ounce of fat despite dedicating quite a chunk of their waking hours slaving on the treadmill.

Nowadays, I just listen to them talk about exercise and their so called diet with disinterest. Sometimes I get the urge to say something... To correct their misguided beliefs but eventually I decide not to other.

It is unfortunate that I have come to a stage where I couldn't be bothered. I wish I could share what I know with the general public. But it is just not worth it. Now I just share information with those who are smart enough and genuine enough to want to actually learn.

The rest can continue their love affair with the treadmill.

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matt said...

You may want to have a look around at fitocracy social network. Good to track progress, get and give advice etc in the same interest fitness group.