Thursday, July 19, 2012

Keeping it simple

I have noticed a change in my habits lately.  Specifically my reading habits.  Even more specifically, my reading habits when it comes to all things fitness related.

When previously I read every single blog/website that I came across, nowadays I only read a select few.  And even among those select few, I only read one or two sites religiously.

You see, it is best not to clutter yourself with too much information.  Just stick to one or two that suits well with your fitness objective and forget the rest.  Stop overthinking.  Stop trying to incorporate every single damn fitness regime known to man and for crying out loud just do one programme and see it until the end.

Doing crossfit one week, powerlifting the next, metabolic conditioning the third week then delving into olympic weightlifting the week after will do you no good.  You'll end up getting nowhere fast and all that does is make you frustrated.

Simplicity is key.

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