Saturday, August 4, 2012


Passionate about exercise does not equal passionate about running.  So stop asking me why I don't sign up for marathons.

I hate running.  You can either make me walk, sprint, or push a sled.  Ask me to run, and I'll throw your car keys into a monsoon drain.

Stop saying I should benchpress to grow me some pecs.  It's just not worth the inevitable shoulder injury.  I am happy with my tiny boobs.  Thanks.

Don't give me advice about strength training when you can't even squat/deadlift MY bodyweight.

I am a nerd.  I like to read about all things strength and conditioning related. It doesn't make me an expert.  And you sure ain't no expert either.  So stop giving me your unsolicited opinions, you skinny little twig.  

Don't ask me how to lose weight.  Especially if you're sedentary.  You know bloody well how to lose weight.  But you are just wondering if there's any shortcut.  There is:  swallow tapeworms. (The sarcasm might be lost on some people and they'll go searching for tapeworms for sale on ebay after reading this).

I keep quiet not because I think you're right.  I keep quiet because I know telling you the truth is futile.

Dude, if you need a belt to lift your bodyweight then you're weak as heck.  You might wanna work on your core muscles first.  But of course, you'd give me a thousand and one reasons why I'm wrong.  Yes, yes because you are the expert and I am just a woman.

Sheesh.  No wonder I don't bother.

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Ampivia Iezan Woods said...

Yah i wont ask u how to loose weight but remember always asked u whats the suitable work out for me.So far did practise some of your advise and they works!

Let them say lah wht they wanna say.

Still love u loads unconditionly!
(eh mcm salah je spelling?* dangg!)