Friday, November 23, 2012

Supplements the average fitness junkie can do away with

Okay so in my previous post I gave you a list of supplements I have tried.  The thing is a lot of supplements you can actually do away with most of them.  Some things you can do away with:

1.  Mass gainers
Mass gainers work.  But in my opinion, they only work for advanced trainers.  Beginners and intermediates are better off trying to gain mass by consuming whole foods.  One of the reasons why I took mass gainers was I couldn't stomach so much food.  I thought mass gainers could help me improve my caloric intake without having to resort to stuffing myself silly.

The things is, you really don't need to eat 6 meals a day to gain muscle.  You can still gain muscle by just eating 3 square meals a day.  Eating too frequently puts you into a lot of digestive stress anyway.  And you feel sluggish instead of energetic.  Now why would you want that?

Over-ripe banana:  Easy to get, cheap and effective
 pre and post workout food.  Cool huh?
2.  Pre and Post workout shakes
Did you know that an over-ripe banana (the ones with brown spots on them) is a fantastic pre and post workout food?  You'd be surprised by how much energy you get from one or two pieces of banana.  So far it has never failed to provide me with fuel even when I haven't had time to have a proper meal prior to my workouts.

It's dirt cheap too.

3.  BCAAs
Again, not to say that BCAAs are useless.  They actually have their merits.  They give you a slight edge but you would still progress even without them.  If you can spare the cash, take them.  If you'd rather spend your money elsewhere then skip them.  No biggie.

This pretty much sums up my
sentiment about fat burners
4.  Fat Burners
Fat burners are NOT for the average person.  Might be okay for those about to go into a bodybuilding contest and what not... key word here is "might".  But for you and me, it's a definite no.  I am a traditionalist.  If you're overweight, you need to take care of your diet first, and take care of exercise second.  That is the only path to PERMANENT fat loss.  There is no magic pill.  There are no shortcuts to success.

"When I hear someone say that they have all the answers or the secret code, what I really hear them saying is that they've given up on getting better." - Dave Tate

So there you have it... common supplements which I think is not worth our while.  Next post, I'll share with you about supplements you should consider taking.

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