Thursday, November 22, 2012

Supplements that I took and what I think of them now

When I scour my Facebook page I see a lot of people asking about supplements or peddling them.  I have come to a stage where I categorize people into 2 broad categories: well-meaning but misinformed and the unenlightened.  

Not to say I am a super genius when it comes to supplements and nutrition.  Far from it.  I have made my fair share of mistakes.  So far I have experimented with a few supplements:

1.  Mass Gainers
I went through about 4 tubs of BSN True Mass before I realized that it didn't help me gain that much weight in the end.  It only aggravated my allergies.  So after almost 1000 bucks down the drain, I stopped taking it.

2.  BCAAs
Went through two bottles of these but didn't really see any noticeable difference.  And it was kind of pricey to keep on taking them until I finally see results (if any) so I stopped.

3.  Calcium 
This was a loooongggg time ago.  Back when I wasn't even exercising and was one of those people who I now lump into the "unenlightened" category.  Complete waste of time and money.

4.  Multi-vitamins for ladies
I still think this is a pretty okay thing to take.  But I have never really bothered to finish the one bottle of multi-vitamins I've ever bought.

5.  Fish Oil
If you could only take one kind of supplement for the rest of your life, this should be it.  The benefits are proven.  I've been taking fish oil off and on for most of my life (off and on because like I mentioned, I'm not a disciplined supplement taker).

6.  Evening Primrose Oil
Okay the things is, I took evening primrose oil during my early 20s as part of my bid to alleviate PMS and improve my eczema situation.  It didn't work so I ditched it.  I only came to know recently that evening primrose oil only works on more mature women (30s and above).  But now that I'm in my 30s I don't really have much of a PMS problem (except for the psycho behaviour behind the wheel) and my eczema is now finally under control.

7.  Collagen 
It was a vanity thing.  I wanted to try it out.  And I've also read that collagen could help improve joint health. Waste of time and money.  Pooh.

8.  Garlic Oil
Now this one is also a good supplement.  It's cheap too.  I also enjoyed a noticeable improvement in my immune system after taking this.

9.  Carb drinks
I bought a tub for RM50.  I think it's still an okay buy although I use it sparingly.  It usually serves as my pre and peri workout drink.

So yeah.  More misses than hits.  Like I said, I was unenlightened.  But that doesn't mean all supplements are bad.  Far from it.  Will share with you more about this in my next post.

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