Sunday, January 13, 2013

A transformation contest? Seriously???

I don't know why the hell I did it.  But I did it.  There's a first time for everything, right?

So just now I submitted my before pics to the Renegade Inner Circle for its 2013 transformation contest.  There are two categories:  Muscle Gain and Fat Loss.  I submitted under the former obviously.

First prize winner wins a trip to California to meet team Jason.  You get to train and eat Renegade style with the Renegade Head Honcho himself and pretty much experience the whole California lifestyle.  Runner ups win cash.

To be honest I don't expect to win anything.  I made really good progress in 2012 and this contest is simply a way for me to hold myself accountable and make sure I make more gains in 2013.

To make matters worse for me, I shall post my pics here as well... at the beginning of the year and then assess my progress some time mid year.

Front view.  Went all the way to a friend's place and made her take my pics. Hahaha...
Back view.  I actually like this pic.  Though I don't quite know why.


saracen said...

Sexyback. Cool. With that kind of backside you must be able to spot me with my weight lifting.

Aizan Suhaira said...

I need to work on my butt. And I don't think I'll be useful as a spotter as I'm sure you lift at least three times more than I do. Ha!

saracen said...

You are looking good incl butt.