Thursday, August 15, 2013

Comments on my training programme

I just started on the second phase of the current training programme and it does look promising.  Personal favourites like iso holds (e.g. front lever, planche progressions and L-sits) and power movements (e.g. hang clean and press) have been re-introduced.

They're personal favourites because I've always great progress in terms of size and strength with these kinds of exercises despite the fact I'm not really good at them.

To be honest I was starting to feel a little jaded with the programmes I've been following since it has not resulted in the kind of size and strength gains I've been expecting.

I reviewed the programmes that gave me the best results and what I've discovered is that:

1.  It always includes iso-holds
2.  Always includes power movements
3.  Includes various kinds of jumps (e.g. vertical, hurdle)
4.  Knee-friendly exercises (read: little or no back squats)

I was actually planning to use a couple of the older programmes but then Phase 2 was introduced and since does have the characteristics of my past favourites I've decided to give it a chance.  Hopefully I'll be able to see some much needed gains.

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