Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Natural Healing... 1 year on

I've written a few times about my suffering from atopic eczema i.e. allergy-induced eczema.

My condition was severe enough to warrant a course of antibiotics every few months and taking allergy jabs as well.

Around Ramadhan last year I started juicing.  The funny thing was I started juicing because it was recommended by ex schoolmate who sold me collagen drinks (don't ask).

She said before I start drinking the collagen drinks I should detox my body first.  Or else it doesn't matter how many supplements I consume because my body won't be able to absorb it.  I realized she was spot on about this when I did some research on my own.

So I detoxed by juicing apple and celery.  Pretty tame stuff compared to what I juice now. Even back then I was impressed that I could feel some positive changes to how I was feeling and how my body reacts to juicing.

And one year on...

  1. I have yet to take any antibiotics (for eczema or any other kind of illness)
  2. I still get skin inflammation but it's definitely controllable without having to resort to medication and steroid creams
  3. I recover quickly from the flu
Just like training, juicing has become a lifestyle for me.  I've a feeling I'll be sticking to my juicing regiment throughout my lifetime.

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