Thursday, June 30, 2011

The by-product of weight lifting

I like the way I look. Sure, I'm the typical ectomorph and can't build muscle as well as my more genetically endowed counterparts... But hey, it's okay. When I first started hitting the gym it was more for killing time and improving how I look.

But as I progressed, my objectives changed. I'm now more concerned about getting as strong as I can get. I only do very basic, compound exercises: squat, deadlift, standing press. I add some basic bodyweight stuff like the humble pushup and rows. And of course, I throw in kettle bell swings as well.

I don't work on any particular body part.

Looking good is the by-product of lifting heavy.

Of course, diet plays a role. No doubt about that. Ectomorphs have some leeway when it comes to diet. We pretty much are able to eat anything without accumulating a tub of fat around our bellies.

But what I am trying to get at is this: forget about chasing the pump or working on certain parts of your body and ignoring the rest. Your body will only look disproportionate. Concentrate on getting strong and agile and before you know it you'll have your dream body.

P/s I don't look like Sarah O'Connor in Terminator 2. But I can safely say I look better than all of the sedentary girls out there. The only advantage they have against me is that they have boobs and I'm pretty much an airport runway.


Anonymous said...

Do some chest press either using barbell or dumbells could uplift your boobies a little firmer and a tad bigger. Firmed up boobies are way much nicer than big flabby ones. Having said that,I can only say what I believe personally. I don't know what other men think about that.

Mohd Shahril said...

Right on! bodyparts training is being popularize by bodybuilder, which work only with bodybuilders. In our daily life, we use dynamic movement, which consist of our whole body. If you lift a heavy box, its maximal strength, if u get chase by a dog, you use explosive power to sprint and jump to the other side of a longkang. so dont forget to add in good old snatch, power cleans, and some jumping exercise.

Anonymous said...

Another good by-product is ones look younger than ones' actual age. I got that kind of compliments at times.