Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Squats Update

Adeline and I had a little bet a while back. She was supposed to be able to deadlift 60kg for 5 reps by 16 June while I'm supposed to squat 50kg for 5 reps by the same date. Adeline managed to keep her half of the deal while I floundered.

The best I could do was 46.5kg for 5 reps. Probably my 1RM would be somewhere in the 50kg region. But not for 5 reps. Not yet anyway.

At least my squats are progressing. It has stalled for quite some time. I'm just glad I'm finally starting to chug along. Dare I say that I'm beginning to love squats more and more nowadays? In fact, today's my rest day and I was considering training squats just for the heck of it.

Unfortunately something came up, so I couldn't train. Oh well. Tomorrow's another day.

Anyway, below are some coaching cues that I've gathered from various sources that has helped me improve my squat technique:

1. Legs slightly wider than shoulder width
2. Toes should point slightly outwards.
3. When descending, make sure knees are out. Knees should 'travel along the foot'
4. Eyes should look somewhere slightly above eye level. DO NOT look down. DO NOT look too high at the ceiling either.
4. When ascending, hips and shoulders should move upwards together. Don't lift hip first then shoulders.

Anythings else you want to add?

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Adeline said...

Remember that we said about progressing rather than hitting the target? Well, at least u have progress from there :)

It's kinda frustrating lah when I rested too long. My performance is affected in everyway. Sigh....