Monday, February 6, 2012

Strength/Power and conditioning on the same day? Hmmm...

Bloody hell. This new training programme (Travis Stoetzal's Advanced Muscle Formula) is brutal to say the least. My body has been aching all week. For the first week, these are my observations and thoughts on it:

What I Like
1. It incorporates a lot of explosive movements like the snatch, the push press, and power cleans. Since a lot of these moves are unfamiliar, I had to start really light to make sure my form was as perfect as possible.
2. Recovery days are about quick and effective conditioning. Sprints, barbell complexes and core exercises galore.
3. The sessions are never boring. It sure does beat doing just squats, deads and presses. Makes me feel more athletic.

What I Don't Like
1. I am not keen on the tabata-style exercises done (usually as the last set of exercises for the day). Yes, it is challenging but I don't think my ectomorph body appreciates it.
2. Since many of the exercises are new, I can't go heavy. Yet. I know the best is to start light but I just feel unsettled. I'm not stuoid enough to go heavy unnecessarily though.

Today was the beginning of the second week. And I think I'm starting to get the hang of things. On the first day, even the warmups left me dripping with sweat. Now I am more coordinated and they aren't as taxing anymore.

The exercises is as fun and challenging as always. I think my CNS are starting to fire correctly. But I did not do the tabata-style exercises which are also the last set. I think if the other participants of the AMF programme knows this, they would say I am being a pussy and I have to step it up a notch.

Hmm... May be they're right. However, I know how my body works and it's not gonna react well with intense albeit short conditioning sessions on the same day I train for strength or power. Conditioning sessions are best done on seperate days.

Let's see how things turn out in week 2 excluding the tabata-like sessions.

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