Sunday, February 19, 2012

TRX Handstand and some dismal discovery

So in preparation of embarking on Jason Ferruggia's UNCAGED programme, I did some research and tested out some gymnastic-esque 'holds' that would be a staple throughout the 16 weeks of training.  The holds that I am talking about are:

  1. Handstands
  2. L-Sits
  3. Front-lever holds
Now I must confess that I am no good in all three of  'em.  I have a long way to go.  While I think I can manage the beginner's progressions of L-Sits and front-lever holds (front-lever holds are a bitch!), doing handstands.. let alone handstand pushups give me the jitters.

With no spotter to assist me, the thought of tumbling over or not even being able to kick up to a handstand position is pretty much off-putting.  Enter the TRX.  It has definitely been one of my better investments (I am staring at my stability ball, sitting dormant on a chair while I type this).  I tried doing a TRX-assisted handstand earlier this afternoon, and I am happy to report that I have succeeded.  

Granted, my body is not totally upright; but I am definitely getting there. (No.  That's not me in the video.  Just so you know).

My confidence boosted, I tried doing some chin-ups. I haven't done chin-ups for a while. Most times I substituted with TRX rows.

I could only do a single proper chin-up. Egad! What the heck happened?

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