Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Training: what i did differently or revisited

Once there was a time when I felt confident enough that I could design my own training programme. I thought just practicing the basic compound lifts like squats, deadlifts and presses are sufficient to make me stronger and increase muscle mass.

For a time, it did. But only for a short while. I think my CNS got fried in the process. I hit a squat PR of 55kg and then I struggled to even lift 40kg. Something was wrong. Very wrong.

Fed up, I turned to the AMF programme which focuses more on athleticism rather than how much I can lift. I struggled for the first few training sessions but I grew to enjoy it. I felt fantastic as well. After finishing the AMF I am now doing the UNCAGED programme which is very similar to AMF.

I think in future, should I regain my confidence in writing my own programme, I must remember to incorporate the moves below:

1. Explosive movements (e.g. snatches, cleans)
2. Compound movements (e.g. squats, deads, presses)
3. Single leg movements (e.g. lunges)
4. Bodyweight movements (e.g. chinups, pushups, rows)
5. Holds (e.g. handstand, front lever hold, L-sit hold)

The moves above are basically what I have been doing for the past couple of months and the gains have been noticeable. As of yesterday I am 51kg. The heaviest I have ever been. And still as lean as ever.

Diet wise, not much has changed. Only supplemented with BCAAs and fish oil. And I don't take those as regularly as I should (most of the time I just simply forgot to take them). So it must be my training programme that's the biggest contributer to my gains. No?


sheena said...

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matt said...

Congrat that you have achieved your objective. I wanted to put weight and I manage to have added 5kg from 65 to 70, muscle weight I must say.It must have come from my workout and training with my PT (stop recently however huhu). Once I wore t-shirt to office and my office colleagues said i looked sexy. (dalam hati i cakap..don't I always)..hehehe.I dont wanna brag but t-shirt and regular fit shirts seem to accentuate my broad shoulder and chest.

I guess you look great in any dress too. You have a body to die for. Keep up the good work.

Aizan Suhaira said...

Thanks Matt :)
My colleagues usually stare at my tummy and arms and then they turn green with envy. Always a good thing. Keeps me on the edge so they stay green!