Monday, November 9, 2009

The Busy Girl's Guide to a Workout Quickie

Sometimes I can't make it to the gym because I'm pressed for time. And when I finally come home after a long day I seriously am not in the mood to slug it out for 45 minutes. But the thing is, I don't feel very good if I don't break out a sweat.

And there it is, my predicament: Too lazy to do a 'proper' workout, but in need of stress-reliever badly. A few days ago I saw this YouTube video at the TT blog and I was hooked. A 12-minute total body workout? That's absolutely fabulous if you ask me.

I go home, eat some food, rest a bit. Slug it out for 12 minutes, have some more food (I need loads of food), rest a bit, take a shower, play Mafia Wars then go to sleep. Mwahahahhaa... ain't that the coolest thing? And the next day I still can hit the gym to do my 'full-blown workout'. Teeheehee...


amirahsyuhada said...

woo best seh, pakai dumbbell je kan. Err aku bru nak study TT tu.hehe. Kalau buat 15 for each pun dah ok, err kot?

amirahsyuhada said...

ok done! ok understand that exercise for 12mint, hehe. Fuhh..berpeluh beb. I like the way that guy do the lunges.

Rajan said...

Sounds like a great workout. Very intense.

Anyway, that's why i go to the gym in the morning at 6:30 before heading off to work. I know i can't get my lazy ass to do anything after work. :-)

Another plus point is, i avoid the jams.

Aizan Suhaira said...

Nani: Yup, this is a great workout indeed. You can check out more 12-minute TT workouts at his YouTube channel.

Rajan: I'm not a morning person. I could grow fangs,have retractable claws, turn green and become all muscular if I had to wake up in the wee hours to workout. I'd settle for after-work gym for now :P