Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Stronger, but none the bigger

I'm getting stronger now. Today I was going through the TT Bodyweight-Dumbell workout and one of the moves I was required to do was the Dumbell Push Press. Usually 10-pound weights would be just nice for me. Not too light, but not too heavy until I couldn't execute the reps well. But just now when I lifted the 10-pound weights it felt way too easy. So I switched to 15-pound dumbells now.

It's good to know that I've become stronger. But the funny thing is I'm not getting any heavier. I'm still at my post-Ramadhan weight of 45.5kg (I weighed 48kg pre-fasting month) but I can safely say I feel way better and much stronger than before. My body's more defined too. Hmm... maybe it's because almost all my fat has been burnt off. Just a theory anyway.


amirahsyuhada said...

hmmm...eat more..and more..sleep more and more..lol

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