Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Oh!!!! How could you?

Yeah! Just got home from another sweat-inducing, heart racing workout and I am feeling fabulous. Is it just me or does our body look better right after a session at the gym? Heck, maybe I'm just vain. Yes, yes. There is nothing to be vain about. But that's another story altogether.

Anyway, while I was going through my routine, in walked this trainer and her client. The trainer's kind of chubby. Dare I say that the client is in a slightly better shape? As I did my workouts I observed this duo. The trainer told the client to do this and that. And the client did as she was told.

But that's exactly the problem. She was told to do this and that. But the trainer didn't even bother demonstrating how to execute the workouts. Call me mean, but I have this suspicion that even the trainer can't do the workouts properly.

How can you NOT demonstrate to your client on how to do a certain move? It's just ridiculous in my opinion. The client might as well watch exercise videos in YouTube. At least it's free.

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