Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Stubborn Left Arm

My left arm is as stubborn as its owner. The left and right legs are balanced. Both sides of my obliques are equally developed. But my right hand is stronger than my left. Which is natural seeing that I am right-handed. It doesn't make it less irritating, though. Sometimes I feel like my left arm could never keep up with my right arm.

Example: I can lift a 15-pound dumbell with my right hand, and pump about 6 perfectly executed reps. The left one could hardly lift it four times. Sigh. Maybe it's because I've been too reliant on machines. The right arm tend to compensate when the left arm falters when using machines to weight train.

Hopefully I'll fix this soon. I'm no longer training with machines nowadays, opting for dumbells and bodyweights instead so there won't be cases of the right arm compensating for the left arm. Shall report of positive developments, if any.


Anonymous said...

cut the left arm,

Rajan said...

Hi aizan,

using dumbbells one arm at a time is a good idea. Do your right arm first and then force your left arm to do the same number of reps. Since you are doing one arm at a time, you can use your right hand to spot your left arm and ensure it reaches the same number of reps.

hope this tip helps.

Aizan Suhaira said...

Hi Rajan. Great tip! Gonna use it tomorrow! Thanks a bunch :)