Friday, February 5, 2010

Doctors, weight gain, choc milk and protein shakes

I went to the clinic a few days ago and the doctor commented that I've gained weight. That was the only piece of good news that I've heard in days. I told the good doctor that I've been exercising, of which he replied "aren't you supposed to lose weight instead of gaining weight when you exercise?" Which goes to show doctors don't know everything (I have a doctor friend who asks me for fitness advice).

Anyway, I think the reason why I've effectively gained weight is because of the habit of drinking chocolate milk after my workouts. The protein's good for me. And I'm pretty sure it's not fat-gain because I'm as lean as ever. Tummy's flat. But still no six pack. Yet.

Pre-workout meals are a bit of a b*tch for me. Can't seem to find that perfect food combo that's easy to get. Maybe this is where those protein shakes come into the picture. What say you?


Anonymous said...

Too much sugar intake is one of the culprits really. Once, a body builder told me that when he is preparing for upcoming competition sugar-ish is an absolute no-no. But off season dia sapu semua.....Needless to say, it's difficult to keep sugary foods and drinks at bay. Some people suggest sweeteners as substitue for sugar in coffee and tea and avoid coke and carbonated drinks at all cost if one really wanting to do something about getting rid of unsightly tummy fat aka spare tyres. Don't forget to do cardio exercise as well, running and what not.


Danie D said...

Well, honestly, can't expect doctors to know such things. Their specialization is biology and medicine, but not necessarily nutrition. I suggest you drink your chocolate milk 30mins to 1hour before your workouts, & have the protein shake immediately after your workout. Although protein powders are typically made from milk, the filtration process they go through to remove all the unwanted lactose and fats makes it of a much higher glycemic index(GI). Basically means it gets absorbed into your bloodstream very fast. Milk itself is of much lower GI(Absorbs slower) due to the part of the protein being casein(low GI) and also the milk fats. So consuming it before the workout will give you a constant flow of nutrients while you workout.

Also take note, if you get a protein supplement, they are usually very low in sugars, usually single digit per serving. Always add some simple sugars before consuming, especially after workouts. Otherwise your body will oxidize the protein for energy and it doesn't get to serve its purpose. If the sugars are there, you body will oxidize the sugars and spare the protein for muscle recovery.

Aizan Suhaira said...

Hey Danie
Thanks for the comments! And thanks specifically for the comments on the nutrition part. I'm sorely lacking knowledge in this area :(

Yeah, nowadays I take a protein shake right after a workout although I'm running short on it right now. Need to buy a new tub very soon. Haihhh... money, money.