Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Natural anti-depressants

Been feeling the blues lately. There are some personal and work issues that need to be ironed out. The blues is even worse than usual seeing that I'm nearing the time of the month (too much info? screw it lah. It's my blog).

Good thing that I exercise regularly nowadays. It's a sure fire way of getting rid of any depressing thoughts. I don't know about any studies, but I'm pretty sure exercise releases feel good hormones.

Hmmm... sometimes I wish that corporations provide a simple gym for their staff to relieve stress. Just hang a few punching bags, supply some free weights, perhaps a couple of TRXs and give incentives to their staff to actually use the gym. It may sound counterintuitive (to the idiot bosses) but by doing so the company may see an improvement in productivity.

Maybe the powers that be should see it this way: healthy employees means less medical bills. Happy employees means a lower chance of a disgruntled wage earner storming into the offices with a shotgun in each hand.

Me thinks those are decent reasons. Don't you?

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Rajan said...

Aizan: I agree with you totally. Problem is, Malaysians are still in general quite unhealthy. The few offices that i do know which had gyms are severely under utilized... which is why they don't bother.

Plus, not to mention, maintaining the equipment and running the facility costs money... and if only 5 out 500 employees use it, not quite worth it for them i guess.

So for the few of us who will use it, will have to wait a bit longer.