Friday, February 19, 2010

My motivation

Confession. The reason why I started working out was not because I wanted to have a more active, healthy lifestyle. It was because I wanted to kill time. When I started seeing results of my consistent working out, I kept pushing on because of vanity.

Screw the health benefits. I wanted a hot body guys and girls would drool over. And I wanted to maintain looking young even as I grow older. So yeah. Pure selfish reasons. So what? Getting healthy is a good bi-product of vanity.

But at least I obtained my not bad looking body the hard way. No cheating. No slimming centres. No botox. No silicones. No liposuction. Just hitting the weights and trying to eat healthy at all times. Yes, I check myself out in the mirror. So what? I worked hard to get this body. And I will check myself out in the mirror if I want to.

When you start filling out your clothes at all the right places and friends comment about how good you look, you know you've done something right. Yeah, it may sound shallow but my vanity is my motivation. But hey, as long as it results in you changing to better health habits, it doesn't matter if the motivation stems from something so narcissistic and self-centred.

After all. It's about you. Not about other people.

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Anonymous said...

Cool!! Keep up the good work miss. A nice body is a series of peaks & troughs, for guys; hot curves at every nook and cranny, for ladies. I reckon that if one has the bod one can look good in any dress especially those skin-tight dress and muscle shirts abercrombie and fitch..they accentuate peaks and troughs..hehe like Cristiano Ronaldo & David Beckahm the body of Armani underware... with all due respect.