Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Winning the Superbowl, Mr. Brees and the TRX

Phew! Hmmm... strange that I always seem to have ideas to write in this particular blog right after a great workout. I wish I could hang my TRX at the office and get a short workout done so that I get ideas on what to write for my papers. Speaking of the TRX, did any of you watch the Superbowl match between the Saints and the Colts? Nope, I didn't watch it but I knew the Saints won their first ever Superbowl this year.

Congratulations to the New Orleans Saints. A well deserved win from what I can see in the match highlights in YouTube. Very spirited team. Which is what is most important. Anyway... what does TRX have to do with Superbowl? Well, the Saints' quarterback Drew Brees has been training with the TRX.

He suffered a dislocated shoulder a few years back that could've ended his sporting career. But I'm guessing through therapy and sheer determination, he overcame the injury and ended up winning the Superbowl. Cool, huh? A story for the ages. They should make a movie out of this. Err... Remember the Saints... yeah right. So ciplak. But I'm digressing yet again.

Enough already. Check out these vids of Mr. Drew Brees training with the TRX. Pretty impressive for a guy who had a dislocated shoulder, don't you think?

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