Saturday, August 7, 2010

Don't flush your money down the toilet bowl

It was a nice peaceful time at the office and I got to talking to one of my colleagues. She was telling me that she plans to buy a treadmill. I still don't get why people would want to waste money and/or incur debt just to buy something they'd use once or twice and ultimately becomes part of the furniture.

Looks silly, doesn't it? I wonder why people are still doing it, though.

Like me and everyone else, my colleague has cash constraints. So I told her that if she wants to lose weight, she could invest in two equipments that combined, cost less than a fraction of what a treadmill would. What are those two things?
  • A stability ball
  • A kettlebell
She was pretty skeptical about the kettlebell. "I want to exercise while I watch the tv." Sigh... typical. I refrained from telling her that if she can hit the treadmill and can still concentrate on watching the tv, she's basically not burning enough calories.

I just told her that she can do kettlebell swings in front of the tv. No problemo. It seems that I have picqued her interest. But we'll see whether someone would take my advice. I am after all just a fitness junkie and not a qualified instructor.

Oh, by the way... I also told her that diet is more important than exercise.


KevL said...

Now, the pic above would look like a DIY treadmill lol.

And honestly, if one cannot even be consistent about running around the neighbourhood, what makes her think she can jog on the treadmill on a consistent basis? *shrugs* said...

Many people think there's something magic that takes place just by 'getting on' the treadmill. These are the same people that walk to the toilet faster than they walk/cycle on the bikes at the gym. It's a mindset thing. '30 minutes of treadmill = 30 minutes of exercise done'.

Aizan Suhaira said...

KevL: In my colleague's case, by the time she comes home it's already late. The treadmill was her way of fitting in some sort of workout without having to venture out alone at night in a neighbourhood that is not entirely safe.

Thugs might think twice before trying to mug you. But a lady jogging alone in the neighbourhood is practically a sitting duck.

DM: I agree with you 100%