Thursday, August 5, 2010

Of training (or lack of) and getting back to basics

I have not done any sort of training throughout this week. My schedule got messed up big time and I've been coming home late every single night. By the time I unlock the door to my apartment I'm pretty spent, so yeah... no training at all this week which is uncool because next week's already Ramadhan and that's gonna hinder progress (I hope I won't get struck by lightning writing this).

Anyway, the plan for Ramadhan is for me to do just basic stuff. I'm just gonna do compound exercises (squats, bench press, deadlifts) for maintenance. Nothing too extreme. But then again my training has never been 'extreme'.. I guess extreme needs to be defined.

But I'm digressing. So I wanted to tell you that I got home tonight and tested the strength of my make-do squat stand (a.k.a. my dining chairs)... whether or not they could hold my barbell shod with a pair of 10kg plates. They're holding steady.

And I can squat 20kg (or is it 10kg? Do you calculate one side or both sides?)... A bit of a struggle, admittedly. But I can squat 20kg.

I hope I can regain my strength quickly once the fasting month is over..

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