Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Silver Lining

20kg's worth of weight plates on my barbell (10kg, 5kg, and 2pcs of 2.5kg plates. The 2.5kg plates are taken off one of my dumbbells). Tried a few deadlifts... real sweet.

The fact that my friendly neighbourhood Fitness Concept didn't stock up on 10kg weight plates has turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Went to One Utama to watch a movie earlier tonight and stepped into Kettler.

Looked over at the weights section and they were well stocked with 10kg weight plates and then some. The plates are slightly pricier compared to Fitness Concept. RM96 compared to Fitness Concept's RM91. But that's before discount. After discount a pair of 10kg weight plates (cast iron) are RM155. Fitness Concept does not offer any discounts currently.

So if you're planning to buy some home gym stuff, head on over to Kettler. The sales guy said they're having a sale until September. Adeline -> *hint* *hint*


KevL said...

All that equipment you have there really make me wanna just get my own pull-up bar, simple dip stand (see the last pic in my latest post), a DIY power rack, DIY bench, 20kg barbell and a set of plates.

With all that, a full-body workout at home would be no problemo. And honestly, I think the DIY bench and power rack is pretty much do-able.

Damn, you're giving me ideas.

FatLouie said...

whoa!!! that's how much u lift for deadlift?? So strong!!!

And it looks so nice having all the plates there. Look so, erm, "macho-for-girl". Well u know what I mean.. haha!!

That's so much cheaper than FC! Then how u carry all the plates to ur car, esp the 10kg? One utama is like, really, big. hhehehe..if I have these plates + squat stand at home, I'll be training for my squats already! Nice!!

Erm.. where's Kettler ar? which part of OU?

Aizan Suhaira said...

KevL: If you succeed in making those DIY squat stand/dip station/bench etc. can I commission you to do them for me as well?

Adeline: Yup, 20kg per side. Ok lah, not too shabby I guess. Will try to hit heavier next time.